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Flyaway Dreams

...memories from the past, present and future

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宜しくお願いします! お名前は木之下 アリエン(Ariane Kinoshita)です。 英吉利クインス(Queen's)高等学校の2回生、十六歳、女です。 誕生日は21/07/92, マレーシア中国人。 実話、 私の日本語は本当やばいね、失礼します!

TL:- Howdy! The name's Ariane Kinoshita, and I'm a sophomore/11th Grade/Yr 11 student at Queen's College. Female, 16 years old, Malaysian-Chinese born on the 21st of Jul '92. Truth be told, my Japanese ain't stellar, so excuse me!

What can I say? Fluent in 3 languages (English, Malay and Mandarin), picking up a 4th which happens to be Japanese. Infrequent LJer; icon-happy, off-and-on-anime-addict. Fansubber, designer and blogger. On the hunt to learn new stuff; just as long as it doesn't harm me or anyone else in the process.

Over and out!