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Dum dum dum.

Or should I say semi friends-only? My icons posts and some other not-so-sensitive stuffo will still be viewable to public, but there are some things I'd like to keep to those whom I trust.

Journal is actually 100% friend-free (you can friend me if you want, but do lemme know), but if you do add me, please, do make the effort to keep in touch. I for one will do my best to, but if nothing works out, I won't hesitate to cut you. It's not easy cutting friends of my list...but then again, it's for my own safety. Not that I'm selfish, but there are certain rules to observe, ya know?

Not many rules if you wanna be added. Just answer the following in your comment:

- Your name?

- How did you find my journal? (I'd prefer to be friends with people I know from somewhere, but give it a go - e.g: "I found your journal through your icon posts")

That should be it. Have fun! ^^


Been forever and a day.

I've noticed that I rarely use LJ because:

  1. I no longer have the luxury of keeping up with my favourite ONGOING anime series (Bleach, Naruto, etc) as I would like. Matter of fact, I gave up on Bleach the minute the Bounto Arc started. HAven't read the manga or anime since.
  2. With that, comes the loss of my ability to fangirl.
  3. I mentioned that I now "live at Hogwarts" (English boarding school); and with its internet filtering/restrictions/shiz, LJ isn't welcome on their browsers. I'm not a happy camper.
  4. And because of the restrictions, plus the lack of digital facilities, I must say that I haven't been able to design lately.
  5. Sometimes LJ won't load for me.
  6. The main one: I already have a blog on a dedicated domain - http://yoakemae.net. I'm terrible at keeping more than one blog, or frequently updating one as it is!
Of course, these are half-excuses - I use this account to comment on the LJs of some of my online pals without writing any posts myself.

Anywho, I have no idea if I should continue to just abandon this LJ post-wise and use it for comments only; or to cross-post excerpts of Yoakemae's new updates and link the "cuts" to Yoakemae so that you can comment there instead of here.

As it is, half of me wants to start designing avatars again... =) And oh, lots have changed since the last post which was about a year ago. Been in England for one year, learnt new things, realised new ideals, yada yada. And oh, my Japanese has gotten better - you can see for yourself on my LJ profile under "Bio".

If anyone's reading this, how be you?

I'm EVIL. Big time.

Ohisashiburi desu yo, sou ne? ^^ I come back and I seriously fail because I don't have a massive dump. ^^; Thankfully, I should have more iconage now that I shut down my graphics site (people in the Anime Webdesigning Community who aren't on LJ are idiots - don't ask).

Let's just say, all of the stars in my icons are sick, no doubt. Funnily enough, there isn't any Unohana here to give them a good fix. I'm using the Byakuya one now - don't hit me, the idea came from the closest-to-me-Byakuya-hater, my brother. If I didn't make the icon...I wouldn't get to post this dump here xD

Oh well. List of candies:

TOTAL ~ 14

x4 Hitsugaya
x3 Ichigo
x1 Byakuya
x1 Hinamori
x1 Hitsuhina
x1 Rukia
x1 Yoruichi

x1 Kyouko

x1 Imageless Spazz (it's used as the "no icon" notice xD)

You know the drill, right?CreCom if taking, and save the good words for arianex - pretty please? xD Hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them~!

...went to the underworld and back.

I feel guilty for not posting in ages, this LJ's so dusty! I redeem myself with an icon dump...


BLEACH - 17 icons

x4 HitsuHina
x4 Toushiro
x3 Hina
x2 Ichigo
x1 Rukia
x1 Nanao
x2 misc. groups


x3 RenEu (Renton + Eureka)
x3 Eureka
x1 Holland + Talho
x1 Moondoggie
x1 Anemone
x1 Misc. groups


x2 Lacus
x1 Kira
x1 Kira + Lacus
x1 Misc.groups


x2 Daisuke


x1 Soujirou


x1 Ayumu


x1 Sakura

These were made since MARCH *kicks self* so I'm very LATE...

And your boring drill - CreCom: Comment if taking, credit arianex if so. Enjoy!

WARNING: LJ messed up the page so you have to scroll for a bit before finding the icons. URGH!

Fic + Crack: Whose Line is It Ichiway?

Not exactly a fic. But what do I call this, otherwise?

Title: Whose Line is it Ichiway? (Episode 1)
Author: arianex
Characters: Ichigo, Ishida, Karin, Shunsui and Nanao. (This ep only.)
Rating: General to PG13-ish.
Warnings: May include some violence, and spoilers if you don't know the characters and how they're like.
Disclaimer: If I owned Bleach...I'd be busy lchasing the plot bunnies instead of doing THIS. xP
Summary: It's the first installment of a series (I hope!). Based on the hit Drew Carey TV show  "Whose Line is It Anyway?", Ichigo's now the host! (Sorry, Kon + Hitsugaya fangirls. Most whom I asked wanted them to be hosts.) Every ep, 4 characters will be featured and they do play the same games on the show, but since it's Seretei and Karakura we're talking about...

In short, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Bleach-style. ^^

And again, since I have no life. You know the drill, don't you? CreCom (Credit + Comment), link to </a></strong></a>arianex. ^^ Thank you.

6 Hitsu
1 Hina
1 Soi (for some odd reason)

Link leads to the HitsuHina community.

...and it's thanks to Davan that I made these. ^^

Er, untitled?

Woohoo. Of all things, Ariane jumps onto the bandwagon by making an LJ account. Yes, SHOOT ME. But for some reason, I think that I'll be having a bit of fun here at LJ.com, getting to know new people who are icon fanatics like I am, or so. xD Ah, well.

Since I'm still getting used to this place, I'll appreciate all the insider info I can get. *looks at Saki* I really hope she's reading this. xDDDD

Plans for this journal? If I don't feel like writing at yoakemae.net, I'll write some fangirling posts, maybe. It'll contain a LOT of icons, though, since I'm just jumping on the bandwagon to see how it feels like. ^^ So bear with me.

Well, I can't say much now. I need to learn how to use LJ cuts, customize thand all. But right now I posted 3 icons at bleach_icons, so I think I shall have some fun here for a bit. ^^